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Installing Officers


W Geoffrey L Lasswell
RW Kent Drawve
W Carson Klitz

Vermont Lodge # 116
Officers for 2002

Worshipful Master Dean Hertz
Senior Warden Cecil Wright, Jr.
Junior Warden William Kelly
Treasurer Jim McGaughey
Secretary  Harold McCurdy
Chaplain Carol Parker
Senior Deacon Charles Puckett
Junior Deacon Jermery Fouts
Senior Steward Cassidy
Junior Steward Troy Hunter
Marshal Dan Cassidy
Tiler William Cassidy


Other working Brothers, more to added

Cowin, Kent  309-329-9037
Drawve, Kent 217-322-4355
Easley, Everett  309-329-9980
Eifert, Tim  217-254-3246
Herink, Arthur  309-784-3021
Hertz, Dean  217-322-6604
Hunter, Troy  309-753-0703
Klitz, Carson  217-322-4270
McGaughey, Jim  309-784-2481
Parker, Carrol  309-329-2012
Cecil Wright  309-784-4321

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