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News on Illinois Tax Bill


Dear Brothren:

This should be your Last request for Bill 3169 assistance.

It is hoped that Governor George Ryan will sign Bill 3169 "Tax relief for

Fraternal Organizations" within the next three weeks.

The Bill passed the House 100 to 9 and the Senate 57 to 1. It has enjoyed

bipartisan support, primarily because of our members contacts with their


We can all make it easier on our Governor by writing him a note requesting

that he support and sign the Bill when it reaches his desk.

Our Governor would then be able to say that he received letters from all

over our state in support of his signing this bill.

A lengthy letter is not required and form letters should not be used.

Simply a short note will do the trick.

Letters should be addressed to:

GOVERNOR George H. Ryan
207 Statehouse
Springfield, Illinois 62703

E-mail may be sent to:

Please share this with as many concerned people as you can. We should get

this rolling right away and completed within the next three weeks.

As always, thanks for your support and extra efforts.

Bob Kalb, Grand Secretary

Listing thanks to John Wilson

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