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Did you know this? Dated 1868

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The following Dirge was sung this way:

Solemn strikes the funeral chime
Notes of our departing time,
As we journey here below,
Through a pilgrimage of woe

Mortals, now indulge a tear,
For Mortality is here,
See how wide her trophies wave,
Over the slumbers of the grave!

Calm, the good man meets his fate,
Guards celestial ‘round him wait!
See! he bursts these mortal chains,
And over death the victory gains

Here another guest we bring—
Seraphs of celestial wing,
To our funeral altar come,
Waft this friend and brother home.

There, enlarged, thy soul shall see,
What was vailed in mystery;
Heavenly glories of the place,
Show his Maker face to face.

Lord of all! below— above—
Fill our hearts with truth and love;
When dissolves our earthly tie,
Take us to thy Lodge on high.

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